Worcestershire Area Ramblers Groups

Celebrating Walking in Worcestershire

Below we set out briefly what you might like to know before you set off on your walk.


Prior to the walk, check that the brief description of a walk (on a groups website) and the mileage is right for you. If you are unsure, please ring the walk leader and have a chat. The weather might also influence your decision about a walk!


On the walk, you will need to wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Most outdoor outlets are helpful with advice and you do not need to spend a fortune in getting kitted out. If you are already a walker, you will know the basic equipment needed, such as a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, hat and gloves for winter walking, walking socks and walking boots. Several thin layers of clothing are more versatile than one chunky layer. 

A day pack to carry food, drink and extra clothing is advisable


In terms of food and drink, there is usually an opportunity to have a hot or cold drink during the morning and to eat a packed lunch around midday. Each group does things differently so just check with them what is required.

Plain water is an essential item for any walker, but a flask of something hot as well can be comforting on a cold day.  Lunch breaks will vary in length, depending on a range of factors including the amount of mileage still to do, the weather, the location and sometimes the mobility of the group on the day!


Whilst we hope that there are no incidents on any walk, sometimes a fall or something else unexpected can happen.  We expect all walkers to carry a label or information on who to call in an emergency within their rucksack or jacket. This is so that we can notify family members or friends if something has occurred and what actions have been taken.


Then it is best foot forward and enjoy the walk!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018